Christmas with The Chosen 2023

The Chosen

Some things just go together. Rhythm and blues. Oreos and milk. Fall and football. Hugs and kisses. And how about The Shepherd and The Messengers? You know—the two Chosen Christmas specials? Of course they go together. But here’s the thing: they’ve actually never been together. Until now.

Call it regifting if you like, but we’ve taken these episodes from Christmas past and woven them together (wreath-like) into your Christmas present. Freshly recut and remastered, the two are now one seamless story about the birth of Jesus—Christmas with The Chosen: Holy Night. And they’re coming to a theater near you this holiday season.

Combining the best of old and new, we’ve also worked in six of your favorite musical performances from the past, leading to a first-time-ever performance by Andrea Bocelli and his son, Matteo.

Want to peel back the wrapping paper and take an early peek? Here you go:

Christmas with The Chosen: Holy Night hits theaters for a limited run December 12-17. Tickets are available now at Fathom Events.

Merry Christmas!